Adjustable Double Diner Dog Bowls

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Adjustable Double Diner Dog Bowls

These Adjustable Double Diners are recommended by vets to improve dog feeding,When you offer your dog's food and water at a natural level, you reduce the strain to their neck and help to minimize problems with digestion and bloating. In the lowest setting the pet dishes will be only 4" in height above the floor so that even a small pet can eat and drink from the two dishes. In the intermediate adjustment the two dishes will be at a height of 8" above the floor. The sturdy frame holds the dishes secure for a mid size pet so that they can eat and drink at a convenient height, as they grow taller. At the highest level the pet dishes are 15 " above the floor. This allows an adult pet to eat at a normal level of its size. Rubber tips on the base of the frame keep the 'Double Diner' in place.The two stainless steel dishes are machine washable and rust free. Capacity 2 Pints / 1.12 Litres to 7.75 Pints / 4.4 Litres


  • Stainless steel dishes
  • Adjustable from 4" to 15" off the ground
  • Reduces neck strain

Available Sizes:

  • Small ( Capacity 2 Pints / 1.12 Litres )
  • Medium ( Capacity 4 Pints / 2.25 Litres )
  • Large ( Capacity 6 Pints / 3.38 Litres )
  • Extra Large ( Capacity 7.75 Pints / 4.4 Litres )



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