Andis AGC Super Two Speed Clipper with No 10 Blade

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Andis AGC Super Two Speed Clipper with No 10 Blade

This is a professional dog clipper designed for especially for the dog grooming salon. This Andis AGC Super two speed dog clipper is designed to cope with difficult coats and heavy duty clipping, and has the benefit of running at two speeds, an excellent dog clipper that is robust and durable manufactured by Andis dog clippers in the USA.

A wide range of dog clippers are available so it is important to select a clipper that is appropriate for the job. Think about the number of animals to be clipped, the size and weight of the dog clipper, how quiet is the dog clipper when dealing with nervous animals and the advantages of using a cordless rechargeable clipper. A modern machine with up to ten times the power of older models, will save considerable time, so you can put more time and effort into getting the best results.

Andis AGC Super Two Speed Clipper Features

  • With No 10 Blade
  • Recommended For Commercial Use.
  • Quiet operation with a powerful motor that runs faster than most other professional clippers--up to 4000 Strokes per Minute
  • Detachable Blades For easy changing and cleaning of blades.
  • Maintenance free - No oiling or greasing of internal parts.
  • Extremely cool & quiet operation - Noisy fan and air vents are not needed.
  • Break resistant housing - Stays comfortably cool to the touch.
  • Shipping weight 1200g.

To help you choose the right clipper blade for your breed please see our dog breed blade guide

Andis AGC Super Two Speed Clipper Specification

  • Weight = 530g
  • Blade speed = 3300-4800 spm
  • T.P.O. = 35w @ 220/240v ~ 50Hz



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