Canicom 500 Remote Training Collar

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Canicom 500 Remote Dog Training Collar By Numaxes

Canicom 500 is an electronic dog training collar for controlling a single dog with a working range of 300m. It features 15 levels of impulse with an LCD display providing optimal control.. This compact, easy to operate system does control many behavioural problems including recall issues. This collar has a key benefit in that it has a booster key for emergency situations, for example if you saw your dog heading for a busy road you can boost by 3 levels. The Canicom 500 has a waterproof collar and a simple to use remote with a digital display. The Canicom 500 collar has a warning beep tone and 15 levels of correction. Please note that  the collar on this system is compatible with any Canicom transmitter so you can easily change the distance of your training collar by just buying a new remote with a larger range.

Featuring an easy to use magnetic on / off switch and 15 levels of correction with varying degrees of strength. If you need to train more than one dog or require a range larger than 500m, why not consider our other products in the Canicom range?

Exceptional quality remote trainers. Very robust and waterproof. Often the choice for the professional dog trainers.

The Canicon 500 is manufactured by Numaxes. Numaxes are a widely acclaimed international company that manufacture all their dog training aids in France ensuring that they meet stringent quality testing procedures to ensure that you receive a high quality and reliable product.

Canicom 500 Benefits


- 15 different levels of impulse, administered via Flash or Continuous key.

- Emergency booster button

- Continuous Impulse - For use when beginning training
- Flash Impulse - For use when correcting a trained dog which misbehaves
- Beeper Function - To draw dogs attention to commands
- LCD display - showing impulse level and battery life
- Magnetic on-off switch
- Fully Waterproof Collar
- CE Approved
- 2 year Warranty

Canicom 500 Specification

Specification - Collar
Dimensions (W H L)     38 x 68 x 43 mm
Weight     75g
Collar length adjustable     20 - 50cm
Power     3v Lithium CR2
Specification - Handset
Dimensions (W H L)     18 x 98 x 45 mm
Weight     50g
Power     3v Lithium CR2

Specification - Handset
Dimensions (W H L)     18 x 98 x 45 mm
Weight     50g
Power     3v Lithium CR2

Canicom 500 Contents

Canicom 500 Kit Includes:
- Canicom receiver collar (fitted with battery)
- 1 Remote Control Handset (fitted with battery)
- 1 Test lamp
- 1 Pair of long studs
- 1 Wrist loop
- Instruction booklet
- 2yr guarantee certificate



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