Canicom Extra Receiver Collar

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Canicom Extra Receiver Collar By Numaxes

Canicom Extra Receiver Collar is a compact receiver collar which should be purchased to add a dog to either the Canicom 800 or the Canicom 1500 systems. When this Canicom Extra collar is synchronised with either of those systems it will work at the range of that distance stated on the remote controller. Fully waterproof collar that comes with a polyurethane collar. Additional or replacement Canicom receiver collars for the full Canicom range 2 Yr Warranty. This Canicom extra receiver collar is avalable in seven collars, black, yellow, orange, red, purple,, blue and green, please select the colour you require from the drop down menu.

Exceptional quality remote trainers. Very robust and waterproof. Often the choice for the professional dog trainers.

The Canicon Extra is manufactured by Numaxes. Numaxes are a widely acclaimed international company that manufacture all their dog training aids in France ensuring that they meet stringent quality testing procedures to ensure that you receive a high quality and reliable product.


Canicom Extra Receiver Collar Specification

Specification - Collar
Dimensions (W H L)     38 x 68 x 43 mm
Weight     75g
Collar length adjustable     20 - 50cm
Power     3v Lithium CR2




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