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Comfy Dog Cone

Comfy Cone. No more stiff rigid elizabethan cones from the vets, at last a comfortable option that allows your dog to eat , drink and behave normally and yet still protecting the dog.

This great new Comfy Cone is made from waterproof nylon fabric that has 1/2" of padded foam inside which is soft and yielding whilst still being protective. This Comfy Cone has been extensively tested and approved by vets. It uses velcro closures and tabs which are adjustable so you do not have to put your dogs head directly through the collar. This Comfy collar has a unique reflective edge to protect you and your pet whilst walking at night. This comfy collar has elastic loops to thread through the pets own collar to ensure that it cannot be pulled off and prevents it from falling off like the more traditional rigid plastic cones.

Better than a hard plastic e-collar because it's comfy! Allows your dog to sleep and eat in a
normal position. No more bumping into the walls or carpets (or your legs - ouch!) and getting
hit in the throat. No more pushing the doggie dish across the floor, trying to eat or drink.
No more stress from not being able to see.

The Comfy Cone is comfortable, washable and flexible. Just as effective as a plastic cone,
but made of fabric. Folds back if needed so you can adjust the length, increase dog's visibility,
assist with mealtimes or allow you to examine your dog. Try that with a hard plastic cone!
Owners of Corgis, Bassets and Dachshunds will especially appreciate this feature.

Attaches with Velcro, which is fastened all along the seam. This allows you to not only get a
very comfortable, custom fit, but it also allows you to adjust how wide you want the open
end to be. Change easily from a wider cone to a more narrow tube-like shape, depending on
what your dog needs.

Comfy Cone Features

  • Made of durable ripstop nylon
  • Veterinary tested and approved
  • Elastic loops so you can slip your dog's collar through - helps it stay on
  • Thin foam inside - keeps collar's shape without being hard

Comfy Cone Sizes

To get the correct size for your dog, just measure around the neck see the sizes below:

  • X Small - Neck:5-6inches. From Neck to Snout 4.25 inches
  • Small - Neck: 7 - 9 inches. From Neck to Snout 5 3/4 inches
  • Med - Neck: 10 - 14 inches. From Neck to Snout 8 inches
  • Large - Neck: 15 - 20 inches. From Neck to Snout 10 inches
  • X Large - Neck: 21 - 25 inches. From Neck to Snout 12 inches.



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