iki Pulse Bark Collar By Num'axes

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iki Pulse Bark Collar By Num'axes

This iki Pulse Barking Trainer uses a combimation of Beep sounds and increasing static stimulations (mild electric shocks) to teach your dog not to bark. When your dog barks, the collar interrupts him by emitting beep sounds and/or static stimulations.

    * 4 operating levels
    * beep sound only
    * beep sound + light static stimulations
    * beep sound + strong static stimulations
    * beep sound + increasing static stimulations

A sensor detects whenever the dog barks and at the first bark, a series of beep sounds is emitted. If another bark is detected another beep sound is emitted together with a static stimulation. No further stimulations are emitted if no barking is detected within the next 30 seconds.The stimulation level is set by the user.

iki Pulse Bark Collar By Num'axes Specification

    * Waterproof
    * Rechareable (mains charger included)
    * Battery level indicator (indicator light)
    * 2 x short contact points
    * 2 x long contact points
    * 1 x battery
    * 1 x nylon strap
    * 1 x screwdriver for adjustments
    * 1 x test lamp / user guide
    * Adjustable bark detection sensitivity
    * Adjustable stimulation levels
    * Weight: 88 g (case + battery)
    * Simple to use, and harmless to your pet.
    * Adjustable neck sizes from 17 to 55 cm
    * No harmful chemicals or pesticides.
    * Operates with a 3V lithium CR123A battery
    * Average battery life 30 days



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