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Maelson Soft Kennels

The Maelson Soft  Kennel they really are the best soft crates available. Like all German products they are really well designed and have so many outstanding features that set apart this soft kennel from any other available. They are very versatile and can be used in the home, at the office, when you are away camping or maybe at a dog show, they are also perfect for travel and can be used in either the boot or even on the rear seat as this soft kennel has a seat-belt strap to secure the kennel. The Maelson Soft Kennel is built up / folded down in a matter of seconds, so you have no excuse not to take your dog's home along!

The Soft Kennel by Maelson is foldable and textile, and has a steel frame to ensure excellent strength and reliabilityand yet it is also very light for carrying, and easy to set up. This kennel has three openings, one on the front, one on the top and one on the side for easy access to the Maelson Soft Kennel, so it is very easy to access your dog when required. When closed the soft kennel has door lock clasps to ensure that your dog cannot open the zippers from inside so it is a very secure kennel. One excellent feature of this kennel is that it has a removeable and washable inner cushion but most importantly it has a fully waterproof base which will ensure that the kennel looks great for years to come.

This high quality Maelson kennel is available in the following sizes:

Dimensions: L x W x H
•    62 x 42 x 41cm - suitable for dogs up to 11kg
•    72 x 52 x 51cm - suitable for dogs up to 16kg
•    82 x 59 x 60cm - suitable for dogs up to 23kg
•    92 x 64 x 64cm - suitable for dogs up to 32kg
•  105 x 72 x 81cm - suitable for dogs up to 41kg

Maelson Soft Kennel Features:

•    Foldable textile kennel, with robust inner steel frame – extremely light to carry, and easy to set up / fold down
•    Inner steel frame offers increased protection for your dog, and is powder coated for longevity
•    EZ-Fold spring loaded inner-release mechanism prevents unintended folding
•    Removable outer cover is manufactured from 600D nylon fabric; with 900D nylon reinforced rounded corners
•    3 openings - at front, on the top, and at the side. Large side door enables you for e.g. to place the kennel sideways in smaller cars with narrow boots
•    Seatbelt straps with snap locks & Velcro make in-car travel safer – the kennel can be also be placed in the boot, and secured down with e.g. bungee cords
•    Special tight-weave, durable mesh fabric is used on all windows & doors. It is hard wearing and less prone to tearing than traditional rubber-based mesh
•    Window & side door roll-down covers provide intimacy for your dog when it longs for a rest
•    Heavy-duty zippers guarantee ease of use, combined with longevity
•    Door-lock clasps ensure your dog cannot open the zippers from the inside
•    Waterproof base prevents for e.g. moisture from wet grass to seep through
•    Removable & washable sheepskin-imitation inner cushion adds a touch of comfort for your dog

Please note that we are out of stock of the 72 & 92 Tan and also the 72 grey.



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