Multivet Ssscat Cat Control System


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Buy the Multivet Ssscat at greatly reduced prices here. This Ssscat is the ultimate cat training device available. The SSSCAT will keep the cat away from unwanted areas. Approved by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

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Multivet Ssscat Cat Control System.

Multivet SSSCAT has two elements: a motion detector and an aerosol can. It will detect the cat's motion and will release a spray. Once this is repeated a few times, the SSSCAT will keep the cat away from unwanted areas. this means you can keep your cat off your kitchen surfaces or best sofa, or away from a childs cot or the fishbowl. This is the ultimate cat training device available. Simply place the SssCat in the area that is off-limits, switch it on and that is that. The SssCat uses a harmless spray to deter animals from the selected areas. Approved by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Multivet Ssscat Features & Benefits:


  • It's fast, proven effective and painless
  • Needs no human intervention to work
  • Repels cats for up to one meter 3 feet
  • Scentless, harmless, stainless
  • With SSSCAT no need to declaw
  • Spray can included, holds over 200 sprays
  • Takes 4 AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Instruction manual included
  • Adjustable angles between detection of motion and direction of spray
  • Adjustable nozzle position for upward and downward direction of spray


Keeps your cat from:

  • Jumping on counters, tables and other areas that should be kept sanitary
  • Chewing plants and electrical wires or eating toxic plants
  • Scratching furniture, scratching specific areas of the house
  • Reaching window areas
  • Breaking fragile objects
  • Climbing on curtains
  • Attacking other pets such as fish and birds
  • Entering a room ex: baby's room or living room
  • Stealing food when you are away and many more

The SSSCAT was tested and proven effective by animal experts. All cats were recruited through the vet school employees, students and veterinarians. This study was submitted and approved by the Canadian Council on Animal Care. A total of 31 cats: 16 spayed females and 15 castrated males were studied. The association between the sound and the spray was fast and the mean learning rate was 5.125 trials and was not significantly related to age. 94.5% of all cats in this study did stop jumping on the counter, 80% stop trying to enter a baby room, the owner bedroom or the living room with bird cage, and 100% effective with other behaviours such as fishing in the fish tank, drinking water in the fountain, and eating the favourite owner plant. The automated cat repellent did not affect the relationship with the owner.



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