PetSafe Collarless Sonic Pet Trainer

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PetSafe Collarless Sonic Pet Trainer - PUPT-100-19

Small hand held ultrasonic and audible training device that is great for training dogs within a close proximity. This unit is ideal for use inside the home or outdoors, especially good to use when walking your dog, it can also be used to deter other dogs when out walking by pressing the negative tone as they approach.

No collar required on your pet. In our opinion this is a great little product for correcting behavioural problems at a close range , now at a special introductory price.

PetSafe Collarless Sonic Pet Trainer  Features:

  • For pets weighing less than 25 pounds, ideal for dogs and cats.
  • Positive and negative reinforcement button.
  • Requires no special collar or receiver device on your pet.
  • The choice of pet owners who prefer using high-frequency tones to encourage or modify pet behaviour.
  • Effective indoors or outdoors within a 10m range.
  • Uses one 9v battery.
  • Only your dog can hear the ultrasonic tones emitted.
  • Instructional manual and included.

The ultrasonic pet trainer is a small hand held ultrasonic and audible training device. It is designed to assist you with obedience training and the behaviour modification of your dog or cat by taking advantage of the sensitive hearing of your pet in the ultrasound frequency range.

This small battery operated unit is simple to operate, utilizing a "Correction" button and a "Positive Sound" button. The correction button activates the ultrasound which is more startling to your pet than yelling or clapping. The positive sound activates an audible "Good Dog" sound which will help you pet understand that this is good behaviour acceptable by you. Ultrasound is now becoming one of the leading training methods.



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