PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent PBC19-11794


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PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent PBC19-11794

When the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control is within range of constant barking, an internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is activated. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control emits an ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic sound can only be heard by the dog and not humans. Startled by the high-pitched sound, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise.The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control has 4 settings including 3 Sensitivity Levels and a Test Mode and is effective up to 15 metres.

PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent Features:

  • Deter your own dog or your neighbours dog from barking
  • Designed to hang/mount on a tree, wall or fence post
  • Safe and effective for all sizes and breeds of dogs
  • Uses ultrasonic sound to deter nuisance barking
  • Detects the sound of barking up to 15 metres away
  • 4 levels of operation
  • Durable and weatherproof System Includes
  • Outdoor Bark Control
  • Operating Guide 9-volt battery required (not included)
  • Dimensions:14.29 cm x 13.02 cm x 20.96 cm



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