PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer PDT20-11738

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PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer PDT20-11738

This is the best remote spray trainer available, a harmless spray coupled with sounds help teach your dog better behaviour! Simple device is a great alternative to shock collars. This collar relies on radio-controlled emission of a harmless, painless spray near your dogs nose to deter him from unnecessary barking and other unwanted behaviours.

Using your handheld PetSafe Remote Transmitter, you can train your unleashed dog from up to 300 yards by sending signals that trigger tones or a spray mist from his Receiver Collar. The Remote Spray Trainer is great for reinforcing basic behaviour training or addressing problem behaviours such as unwanted barking or digging, jumping on people or furniture, and chewing. Recommended by vets, animal behaviourists and dog trainers. Fully waterproof.

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer Specification:

  • Safe, comfortable and effective for pets of any size
  • Up to 300 metres range
  • 4 levels of spray help ensure one that triggers recognition in your dog
  • Tone only buttons for Positive and Negative reinforcement
  • Waterproof transmitter and collar
  • Collar adjusts to fit neck sizes up to 28"
  • Two LED's use red, green and yellow to signal power, battery level, spray activation, positive or negative tone signal received, and low spray level
  • Rechargeable batteries for remote transmitter and collar with a 3-5 year life depending on usage
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Receiver collar should not be worn more than 8 hours out of 24. When you hear or see offensive behaviour, press a button on your Remote Transmitter control unit and your dog's Receiver Collar releases a fine mist that dogs find unpleasant. All natural spray dissipates quickly and is safe for humans and pets.

A Negative Tone is available using another button to simultaneously let your dog know that it's correction time. He will soon associate the Negative Tone with the spray and you can transition to using the Negative Tone only for correction. Press the Positive Tone button to send a marker that rewards your pet for good behaviour. Choose from 4 spray levels to find one that gets your dogs attention. A few consistent and timely corrections with the Remote Spray Trainer will have him changing his behaviour to steer clear of that annoying spray. System includes adjustable Receiver Collar, Remote Transmitter, spray refill canister, rechargeable batteries, battery charger and adaptor, lanyard for transmitter, and operating guide.



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