PetSafe Wireless Fence

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PetSafe Wireless Fence

Just plug in the transmitter somewhere inconspicuously in your home, garage, or car its that simple. The Petsafe Instant Fence uses a constant radio signal to create a "stay zone". If your dog leaves the stay zone, it receives a warning tone first, if he continues, one second later he will get a correction (at the level you initially set the collar for) and if he continues to leave, the correction gets progressively stronger until your dog returns.

With the Petsafe Wireless Fence, your pet is safe, and your mind is at ease! Fits dogs 8lbs and up.

PetSafe Instant Wireless Fence Specification:

Covers an adjustable circular area of up to 1/2 acre (180 feet diameter) Completely portable, no wire to bury 5 adjustable levels of correction plus beep-only mode Set up in 1 to 2 hours Manual included Designed not to correct during a power cut A wireless and portable containment fence system that sets up in minutes.

This system can be taken out and used in cars to contain dogs near to cars or caravans Simply plug the transmitter into a electrical socket and fit the receiver collar to the dog. Fully adjustable radius control up to 25m. allows your dog the freedom to explore but not run off. Comes complete with transmitter, collar, batteries, training flags and operating guide.

The size of the area can be increased by over lapping the signal with the addition of another transmitter unit in another area. This Petsafe PIF-300-21 Wireless Dog Fence does have an Automatic Safety Shut Off after 27 seconds. Boundary ranges are set instantly with the dial on the transmitter.



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