Ruffwear Gourdo Fetch Toy


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Ruffwear Gourdo Fetch Toy

The Ruffwear Gourdo Toy is the interactive natural rubber toy that will give your dog the feel-good fetch: you’ll feel good about sharing such fun with your pet as well as the bright colours of this popular natural rubber toy.

The obsidian black Gourdo is made from 30% maximum reclaimed rubber content, meaning rubber scraps are reblended to make more Gourdos!

The Ruffwear Gourdo Toy has something to interest and exercise every dog.

From fetching to interactive play to gum massaging, the Gourdo will do it all, day after day after day.

You’ll be amazed by all the uses you and your dog will find for the Gourdo (number 1 being fun!).

Ruffwear Gourdo Fetch Toy Features

* Fun exerciser - can be thrown great distances (and floats) for fetching
* Perfect reward - a great toy for a good deed done
* Behavioral tool - filled with treats, it keeps your dog’s attention for hours
* Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable and sustainable source
* Natural rubber is resilient, stretchy, bouncy, durable and fun

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