Singapore Cat Climber


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Singapore Cat Climber.

Singapore cat climber is a very popular cat climber and cat scratcher combined. It has quality woven sisal, impregnated with top grade quality catnip to attract your cat, and is a unique design to encourage your cat to scratch and climb. it also comes with suspended pom pom and mice for your cat to play with. Easy to assemble, and is very robust and hard wearing. Singapore cat climber dimensions: L18" x W18" x H21".

Even the most laziest breed of cats will at some time want to play, hide, climb, sleep, stretch, and of course scratch, this is as nature intended. Any cat living indoors needs stimulation, and you can't be there all the time to provide it. Buying a well thought out design suitable for your type of cat is a great move. Your cat needs to claim it's own territory rather than your suite, walls, furniture or curtains that have cost you dearly. The investment you make in an exercise frame will be twofold, both for you and your furry friend. The destruction your cat chooses to do will hopefully be on its' own territory, not on yours.

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