Staywell 660ML Aluminium Extra Large Pet Door


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 Staywell 660ML Aluminium Extra Large Pet Door

The Staywell Aluminium Pet Door (Extra Large) is perfect if your large sized dog is boisterous and would pose a risk to damaging other alternatives on the market. It is hard-wearing and flexible and features a barrier locking system to ensure that you can keep you pet inside when you would like to. The design includes a tunnel that will enable you to fit the inside section to the outside section through your door and should you need to, this can be cut down. The unit can be fitted in the following places

  • wooden doors
  • brick walls
  • PVC/uPVC/Metal

There are many advantages to fitting a pet door into your door. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please without having to worry about letting your dog in and out of the house during the time when you are not there. It gives your pet the opportunity to capture some fresh air and exercise and go to the toilet outside when necessary. This freedom means that the relationship between dog and owner is improved .Don’t worry about training your pet to use the new door, simply be patient and allow your pet to discover for themselves that they can go through the door. Give them a reason to use the door for example food, they will soon become accustomed to using this useful product.

Staywell 660ML Aluminium Extra Large Pet Door Sizing

Overall Size: 69.26x41.7cm (27.25 x 16.44” approx)
Cut out size: 64.2x36.6cm (25.25x14.375” approx)
Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 34.9cm (13.75”)Maximum Pet Weight: 100kg (220lbs)



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