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10 Foods your Dog Should Avoid this Summer

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/05/2016   Category: Animal HQ

During the summer months we see an increase of people eating outside at picnics, barbeques and parties and quite often letting the guard slip when it comes to what their dogs are eating in the process of enjoying the warmth outside. Dogs often get hold of foods they usually wouldn’t and several of these foods can be fatal to dogs. Below is a list of ten foods to ensure your dog avoids this summer.

1.    Grapes – including dried grapes (raisins) are extremely toxic to dogs causing severe kidney and liver damage which can lead to failure. A small handful of these fruits can easily be fatal to a dog.
2.    BBQ meats and snacks – you might think you are treating your dog by giving them some of your burger or hot dog when actually you are causing them damage and putting their health at risk. Fatty foods can cause both vomiting and diarrhoea which can lead to pancreatitis
3.    Sweet corn or corn on the cob – dogs struggle to digest corn and if you fed your dog a portion you will most likely have a dog that has an intestinal blockage, if they have eaten a substantial portion they may get an upset stomach.
4.    Ice Creams – whilst you may think this will help to cool them down on a hot day, most dogs are lactose intolerant and the dairy in the ice cream might cause digestive problems which will be uncomfortable for your dog.
5.    Beer- It is never a good idea to feed your dog alcohol however beer is one drink dogs are enticed by due to the smell. The carbonation in the beer can cause excessive bloating however the hops in the beer are the most dangerous as it is toxic to dogs can cause malignant hypothermia.
6.    Chicken bones –it’s easy for these to be left around however they can be fatal to your dog. They splinter easily which mean your dog is at risk of choking or of them getting lodged in your pet’s digestive tract.
7.    Apple cores – Not many dog owners know this so when they feed their dog apple thinking they are being healthy, it is actually not. The seeds inside an apple core contain cyanide which is toxic to dogs. You can continue to feed them apples but be sure to core the apple first and cut them inside pieces.
8.    Chocolate – It contains caffeine however also contains Theobromine which can cause damage to your dogs nervous system.
9.    Coffee – Similar to chocolate, the caffeine in coffee is extremely poisonous to dogs.
10.    Onions – onions are severely toxic to dogs and can affect a dogs red blood cells and cause anaemia no matter what form they are in.

Whilst many dog owners know about dog health and not to give their dogs these foods, it is important all dog owners make a conscious effort to not leave these foods lying around in reach of dogs. Dog owners should aim to keep to a dog’s usual diet all year round and ensuring they keep up with their daily dog walking routine will ensure their dog is in the best health possible.