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How to groom your Dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 29/03/2017   Category: Blog

If you own a dog, then grooming is something that generally costs you a lot. There are some tips which can help you save money when grooming your dog:

1. Brush your dog down

Brushing is the very first step of grooming and if you use a good quality brush, then you can easily remove all the tangles from the fur of your dog. While brushing, you can find some areas on the dog’s coat which needs more attention. Like a long-haired dog will have more hair on the tail and belly compared to the legs and the head. Whereas, if we take the short-haired dog, the hair is pretty much the same amount. The right brush will make a difference and a detangling brush is a good choice if the dog has a thick coat as a thick coat is very difficult to maintain.

2. Bathe your dog

When it comes to bathing your dog, you can’t use a harsh spray to wash, instead choose the gentle one and go for a maneuverable shower attachment. This will make the dog comfortable and lukewarm water will make the bath time enjoyable for your dog. Water that’s either too hot or too cold can shock your dog and can even burn its skin. You can use any mild baby shampoo or may be a pet specific shampoo for bathing your dog. If your dog has fleas, then buy a flea shampoo, which is vet-approved. Start by lathering in a well manner. Don’t forget to cut off the water supply when you are lathering your dog as the running water can make your dog nervous. Rinse the shampoo well and clean the eyes and ears as well, you can use a washcloth for this. Buy a large towel for the dog.

3. Make sure you use proper equipment

Don’t use regular scissors on your pet, if you are not experienced, instead use the special grooming scissors. They are not expensive and can make this grooming thing easy for you.

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