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‘A dog is for life not just for Christmas’ slogan is 35 years old

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 31/12/2013   Category: Latest News

“A dog is for life not just for Christmas” is The Dogs Trust slogan and has now become 35 years old this year. This slogan was created by the charities Chief Executive who was then the PR woman, Clarissa Baldwin after seeing a trend in when dogs were brought into the shelter and realised many people were receiving dogs for gifts and then dumping them when they had become bored with them or once they had grown up.

35 years on and the message is still there being used as an attempt to make people think before buying a puppy as a gift for Christmas. The Dogs Trust are busier than ever taking in over 16,000 unwanted animals every year and sees it busiest time of year ahead and between new year and Easter always brings a growth in puppies and dogs being brought in as people realise the work that is needed to have a happy and healthy dog.

The rehoming centers is where strays are brought after spending some time at a pound however some are brought in by their owners or returned after adoption and give some baffling reasons why. They include: He can’t do any tricks, he isn’t as cute as when I first got him, the dog keeps barking at butterflies. Some people return their dog after only a few hours even though they’ve gone through the thorough rehoming service the Dogs Trust offer and they will have met the dogs several times.
Adam Levy, the manager of the Canterbury rehoming centre, says: “Of course some people are forced to give up a dog because of illness or relationship breakdown and they are devastated but with some other cases you do have to bite your tongue very hard.”

The Dogs Trust prides themselves on making dogs happy by ensuring they are linked with the right family. All dogs received training whilst at the centre and will all leave neutered or if they are too young with vouchers to cover the procedure later on. Some dogs will only stay at the rehoming centre for a matter of weeks however some have been there for much longer than this and it is unfortunate that some dogs are just less appealing. Some dogs are very shy and don’t show off in front of people and families tend to walk on past them unfortunately.

All the dogs there need is a good home and to be loved by their new family and we urge anyone who is considering having a family pet to visit a rehoming centre and speak to the staff their about their wants in a dog. Some of the dogs in the centre have had a troubled start to life and only wish for a happy and safe home to call their own. If you believe you can help or you would like more information, please contact The Dogs Trust and they will be able to locate your nearest centre and put you in contact with someone to answer your questions.