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A good time to muzzle a dog?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 02/10/2013   Category: Dog Walking

A cocker spaniel crosses owner has had a huge shock when finding out the dog he thought was pregnant had actually eaten over 140 stones which were stuck inside her. Snickers had been snacking on stone chippings from the driveway and ended up with 2.2lbs worth of stones inside her leading his owners to believe she could be pregnant.

After the bizarre discover the vet had to operate to remove the 140 stones. Ms Ackroyd said: “This was a bit unusual; it was a first for me. You could feel the stones grinding away. Fortunately the operation was not too difficult because they had gone straight into the stomach. If they had migrated through the bowel it would have been much more invasive.” Snickers could regularly be seen chewing the chipping on the driveway however the family never thought she would be eating and swallowing them. Luckily she was caught in time and is now recovering at home.

Eating stones a habit that is becoming more and more common with dogs and most owners would never think their dog would do it. If your dog is interested in stones it is recommended that they wear a muzzle whilst out on walks and to keep them area from any areas at home where they could eat these potentially harmful stones.