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A great dog rescue story about Snooky the mongrel

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 31/08/2013   Category: General

Volunteer Elise Dixie flew her new found mongrel over 6,200 miles back home from Cambodia after she fell in love with it at a cost of over £3,000.

Elise met the dog when it was a puppy when it was such bad condition when a vet saw it they said the puppy was 2 weeks from death. It had little hair and distended stomach.

She cared for the dog in the hostel she was staying in and when it was her time to return home made arrangements for an animal welfare society to have the dog. When she arrived home she realised she simply couldn’t be without him and started to raise enough money to fly back out to Cambodia to collect the puppy and bring it to her home town of Suffolk.

Elise said, “I was certain he wouldn’t know who I was – but he was so happy to see me, wagging his tail. I was bawling my eyeballs out. He’s a great dog and everyone loves him so much.”

Elise explained how Snooky was one of many strays in the area and he was in a dreadful state when she first found in with a chain around him cutting into his neck. Snooky is now settled in Suffolk and part of the family, well done to Elise and all people that rescue dogs from the team at Easy Animal