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A Nation Divided: SureFlap Neighbourhood Cat Campaign Infographic

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 14/05/2013   Category: Uncategorized

A recent survey from leading cat flap manufacturer SureFlap and Britain’s best-selling cat magazine Your Cat, suggests that the UK is a divided nation when it comes to our attitudes toward our local, neighbourly cats.

While some of us are tolerant to routine intrusions of the feline kind, just over half of pet and home-owners can’t stand having their back garden being used as a arena for hunting local wildlife, or a place for cats to “do their business”.

In the worst cases, respondents in the online questionnaire, conducted between January and March 2013, even reported incidents of cat fights, resulting in rising stress and anxiety levels for their own moggies.

Here’s Easy Animal’s infographic take on some of the most significant figures taken from the Neighbourhood Cat Campaign Research Report April 2013.

Easyanimal - Sureflap Neighbourhood Cat Campaign [Infographic]

Read a full version of “A cat’s eye view of the neighbourhood: Neighbourhood Cat Campaign Research Report, April 2013” by SureFlap and Your Cat at https://www.sureflap.co.uk/nccreport.

Data information: Survey comprised of 1,000 online responses, including 896 cat owners and 206 non-cat owners.

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