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A third of cat owners concerned about their pets weight after neutering

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 11/09/2013   Category: Latest News

New research shows that over a third (36 per cent) of cat owners are concerned about their moggy putting on weight after being neutered.

As fabcats.org highlights, most people do not have the desire or time to breed from their cat and will take them to a vet to have them neutered. This involves castration for males, while females can be neutered with the removal of the ovaries and uterus.

Despite this being a common procedure, Cat food manufacturer Purina surveyed a group of British pet owners to find that many are worried about their felines becoming lazy and lethargic following the operation.

The company said that owners can remove some of this doubt by switching their cat over to a specialist diet.

Cats reduce their energy needs by up to 33 per cent after being neutered, which is why they need meals with plenty of vitamins, protein and crude fibre. Purina says a low fat diet is also essential for keeping a cat in shape, possibly because their cat beds might seem more appealing as their energy starts to wane.

Esther Rawlinson, Veterinary Affairs Manager at Purina, told petproductmarketing.co.uk.: “By advising the owner to feed a diet with higher protein levels, veterinary professionals can help the cat maintain a lean body shape and help keep them looking fit and healthy.”