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Agile dogs can help owners lose weight

Posted by: Ashley Curtis  Date: 01/07/2013   Category: Latest News

Trying to keep up with agile pets can be an effective way of losing weight, according to a border collie owner in the village of Fimber, East Riding.

Reported by thisishullandeastriding.co.uk, dog owner Jenny Lambert believes her three border collies have helped her shed a few pounds as it can be tasking to keep up with feisty canines.

Before, Lambert’s border collies would leave her in the wind with the dogs already curled up in their large dog beds by the time Lambert got back to the house.

However, constant exercise with her three border collies Wiz, Sky and Rosie have not only helped with Mrs Lambert’s stamina but her day-to-day health, adds onenewspage.co.uk.

“When I got Wiz I realised I would have to lose weight in order to keep up with him,” she said. “I started to look at my diet and exercise regime in February and since then I’ve lost a stone and dropped a dress size and now weigh the same as I weighed in my twenties.”

Lambert admits she has tried weight loss initiatives before but the prospect of “gaining a little time when running with Wiz” was a quality incentive for her to lose a few pounds.

Now, Lambert’s three dogs compete in agility competitions and, with her partner Ray, the pair and their pets can travel as far away as Northampton.

“Agility is so addictive. It’s a great challenge and a real pleasure to work together as a team with your four-legged friends,” she added.