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Animal charities reveal outlandish reasons for those giving up dogs

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 17/12/2012   Category: Latest News

Animal charities have revealed a list of shocking reasons people give up their dogs.

The outlandish reasons include owners claiming their dog “doesn’t match with the sofa” and that they “smell of dog”.

George Paparakis, assistant manager at the Dogs Trust’s Glasgow re-homing centre in Uddingston, told dailymail.co.uk that some people do have genuine reasons for giving up their pets, but that in other cases, it is obvious that people are making excuses.

He said: “Sometimes there are real reasons why dogs have to come in to us, but it can get quite frustrating when people perhaps don’t truly understand what it means to live with a dog.

Charity experts say the problem is even worse after Christmas, with people giving up unwanted dogs that they received as a Christmas gift.

Welfare charity Dogs Trust is fully against the idea of giving animals as Christmas presents, and has therefore launched a campaign entitled ‘A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas’. The campaign sees Dogs Trust charities not taking in unwanted animals to their dog kennels from the dates of December 22nd until January 2nd.

Other popular reasons people were said to have given when given up their pet included that they “barked too loud” and they’re “not as cute as they used to be”.