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Animal rehoming centres report increase in admissions

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 10/05/2013   Category: Latest News

Nearly half of animal rehoming centres have reported a rise in the number of malnourished dogs being brought to them, according to itv.com.

It is thought that the recession is the biggest cause for this increase in admissions, with 78 per cent of the centres claiming this is the reason behind the trend. The research was conducted by dog food company Pedigree alongside the Association of Dog and Cat Homes (ADCH).

The data found 70 per cent of owners had to give their pets to rehoming centres due to vet bills, while 40 per cent said they couldn’t afford to feed their dogs. In preparation for being handed over to new owners, the pooches could undergo treatments with dog grooming equipment at the centres, in addition to medical treatment.

The majority (84 per cent) of animal rehoming centres also claimed in the research that there had been a rise in the number of dogs which were sent to them after owners weren’t allowed them in rented properties.

Celebrity dog lover Paul O’Grady is today visiting the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to try and draw attention to the worrying figures.

When asked in an interview with mirror.co.uk if he was tempted to take any of the dogs home, the 57-year-old presenter said: “I’m tempted… I fell in love with a bulldog called Frank, who’s just gone off to a new home. He was the business. He had a cyst on his spine and was semi-incontinent, but he was lovely.”