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Artist star to release autobiography

Artist star to release autobiography

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 09/11/2012   Category: Uncategorized

Uggie, the dog who starred in film ‘The Artist’ is releasing an autobiography.

The ten-year-old Jack Russell terrier, who carried out such tricks as high-fiving in the film, is set to tell all about his showbiz life in the book, with the help with of British journalist Wendy Holden.

It will also tell the tale of how Uggie came from being an abandoned puppy to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, after being trained by his owner Omar Von Muller.

Journalist Ms Holden said she contacted Mr Von Muller after seeing Uggie perform in the film. She told dailymail.co.uk: “Uggie’s journey from a rescue dog to star of the silver screen is a classic rags to riches story which can happen to animals as well as humans.”

A book signing for Uggie’s memoirs took place at a Waterstones book shop in Kensington yesterday, with a host of fans queueing up to meet the famous dog, who has been preened to perfection with dog grooming equipment. The UK signing followed promotional appearances by Uggie in Paris to promote the book.

The news comes after it was revealed in June this year that Britain’s Got Talent’s dancing dog Pudsey was set to release his memoirs for a reported £100,000 according to metro.co.uk.