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Bank helps dog Barclay to achieve guide dog mission

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 21/05/2013   Category: Latest News

A bank has helped a needy pup on his way to achieve his dream to be a guide dog.

The Kiveton Park branch of Barclays Banks in South Yorkshire donated £5,000 to Rotherham Guide Dogs for the Blind to help the pup, also named Barclay on his way to complete his mission. The money will go towards supporting a Guide Dog Partnership, which costs nearly £50,000 to fund from a puppy’s birth until the age or around ten, which is likely to be spent on training and even simple things such as dog grooming equipment.

Little Barclay is now fourth months old, however has already learnt many of the basic obedience commands that he will use as a guide dog. The dog visited staff at the bank for the first time this week, taken by Glenis Julyan from Rotherham Guide Dogs.

Talking about the visit, branch manager of the bank, Teresa Bale, told dinningtontoday.co.uk: “It was really exciting to meet Barclay. It’s brilliant to see where the money we raised has gone to and knowing Barclay will change someone’s life is amazing.”

Jo Berry from Guide Dogs also added: “Puppy visits are really special. People then get to see that all the time and effort they put into fundraising has borne fruit in the training of this dog. It makes it all worthwhile.”

The Guide Dog partnerships vision is to allow people who are blind or partially sighted to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else, according to guidedogs.org.uk. The organisation currently has a scheme in place which will run until 2020 which is a long-term plan to provide help to people dealing with the initial diagnosis of blindness and finding the right support services afterwards.