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BBC Horizon programme on cats raises security issues

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 14/06/2013   Category: Cat Care

The BBC’s popular programme Horizon decided to research the subject of household cats and just exactly what they get up to.
Horizon chose to perform their research on 50 household cats in the small village of Shamley Green in Kent. Each cat had a GPS device fitted to their collar and then the cats were left to their own devices as they would normally. Once all 50 cats sunk into their well oiled routines, the team simply sat back and waited. Once the cats had their GPS devices on for a week it was then time for all of the data to be analysed. The producers of the programme could not believe their eyes at how many cats enter other people’s homes, usually without the owners knowing. After watching some of the cat’s video devices you could see that the main reason for cats entering other cat’s homes is to steal food. This comes at a costly measure to the cat’s owner usually asleep upstairs and also puts the owners cat at a disadvantage as people assume that  their cat is eating well when actually the intruder is eating their cats food.
Another thing that shocked cat owners is how cats will enter their homes and spray causing a revolting mess to be cleaned up. Cats will usually time their journeys well and only enter houses at night time to not be disturbed which leaves several house owners completely oblivious that this is happening.
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