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The benefits of grooming your own dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 17/08/2015   Category: Blog

Dogs with long haired coats that need maintaining often turn to professional dog groomers several times a year to groom and cut their dogs coats into shape. This can become a costly luxury to have to keep up with throughout your dog’s life.

However many owners don’t realise the benefits of grooming your dog yourself. On average a professional groomer charges £30 per dog that is groomed however this price does vary with area and dog breed. Dogs are usually cut every 2 months which can see you spending around £180 per year per dog, which increases for larger dogs or hard to cut coats plus petrol driving to and from the groomers. You could spend the same amount on a professional dog clipper meaning after the first year you will be saving money.

It is also a great opportunity to bond with your dog as if they enjoy having a bath and getting groomed then what better person than their owner to be doing it with them, but also if they don’t enjoy it then you will be there to reassure them and keep them calm. It’s a great chance to check up on your dogs health also as you can check their body for any lumps or rashes that shouldn’t be there and get them checked in the first instance whereas if you didn’t groom your dog you may not have found them.

If you do decide to have a go yourself and save yourself a small fortune then there are a few guidelines to follow before you get started. It is imperative that you have the right equipm,ent to groom your dog otherwise you have little chance of getting a good finish to the coat.

There are several companies that market clippers as dog clippers but they are actually made for human hair not dog coats and are just branded as dog clippers. This makes grooming exceptionally difficult and will result in a bad cut for the dog. You should also choose a brand that professional dog groomers use such as Andis or Oster, this way you can achieve the same level of finish as a dog groomer would.

A great clipper to purchase to would the Andis AGC 2 speed clipper. Andis have been used by professional groomers for several years and having a two speed clipper gives you the option of slowing things down when it comes to tricky areas such as the feet or the head. It is a great choice for those just starting in grooming their own dog but want to buy a clipper to last and to achieve a high quality finish. It comes with a number 10 blade and you will need to purchase another blade that is suitable for your dogs breed to create a finish similar to a professional dog groomer. Getting the right blade for your breed is essential and we are glad to say that we offer free help in choosing the right blade.

If you require further information about dog clippers or blades then contact us via our free phone helpline 0845 180 1010.