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Which is the Best Raised Dog Bed?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 18/11/2016   Category: Animal HQ

Raised dog beds are becoming a popular choice amongst dog owners instead of a standard fabric dog bed that just sits on the floor. They are the most hygienic type of dog bed as they can be power washed or wiped clean. They also have great health benefits as they lift your dog up away from draughty floors but also allow air to circulate underneath in the cooler months.

Dog owners should be aware when purchasing one of these types of beds that you really get what you pay for instead of being tempted into buying a cheaper alternative. There are a considerable amount of poor quality dog beds being sold online and produced in china where they try to replicate well known brands. Unfortunately if you purchase one of these beds you are likely to find they can wobble and come loose easily, the fabric is easy to get to therefore your dog can chew it.  They tend not to be the strong and durable bed you thought you had bought and they tend to sag in the middle which can cause issues with your dogs spine..

There are a few fantastic brands out there that manufacture high quality dog beds that are made to last a lifetime but you do need to do your research. Kuranda produce raised dog beds made from both PVC and aluminium that the fabric is attached to in a unique way so dogs cannot get their teeth around and are completely chew proof. The strength of the frames is considerably higher than any others out there and they are one of the most durable products available as the material remains taught supporting your dogs spine. They tend to be one of the main brands of raised dog beds that others try to copy because they are so well known and popular with excellent product reviews.

Recently we decided to put our raised dog bed knowledge to good use and had our own raised dog bed  manufactured for us exclusively in the USA which is comparable to the Kuranda dog beds. The new Slim Aluminium raised dog beds have an aluminium slim line structure and are completely chew-proof so perfect who dogs who tend to chew and perhaps have destroyed beds in the past. The fabric is grey which fits with most houses interiors but can also be used outside or in outdoor kennels. They simply wipe clean and dry immediately so your dog is never without their bed for long. They are available in three sizes from medium to extra large so can accommodate even the largest of breeds. These beds have also been designed with strength in mind and they can also be used in a commercial kennel environment.

If you need any help or advice in choosing your raised dog beds then please get in touch with us.