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Black spaniel owners warned to be wary of potential thieves

Posted by: David Howells  Date: 27/09/2013   Category: Latest News

Dog owners have been warned to take care and be vigilant of thieves, especially if they have a black cocker spaniel, standard.co.uk reports.

The breed has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent months after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were snapped with their pooch Lupo (alongside newborn baby George). Now, the dog’s value has risen in line with its popularity, meaning that breeders may be able to expect a bumper year.

It’s not quite so rosy for existing owners, however, as police and private eyes have warned they could be more at risk of dognappers than owners of other breeds. Thus, anyone taking their black spaniel out for a walk should ensure they’ve invested in a solid dog harness to keep their pet safe and close by at all times.

One such professional offering the warnings is Colin Butcher, director of the Pet Detectives Agency. He explained how his snoopers are currently on the lookout for 13 Lupo-lookalikes, having already recovered five in the last year.

Explaining his figures further, Butcher told dailymail.co.uk: “They are the tip of the iceberg, as a lot of people probably don’t realise that their dog has been stolen.

“Many may think they have been run over or just gone astray. It is not travellers or thieves that are for the most part responsible, but organised gangs who have people who want these dogs.”