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Bramble just loves her new dog cage

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 31/03/2014   Category: Owners Stories

At Easy Animal we just love receiving your feedback on products that we sell and were really pleased to get the following letter from Mrs Donnelly and her dog ‘Bramble’

‘I purchased a Dogit Two Door dog cage from you a few months ago to contain my working Cocker Spaniel Bramble in the kitchen and keep her safe when we couldn’t keep an eye on her. I want to thank you for helping me purchase the right cage for Brambles size but also one to fit in our house and look good too!

Whilst Bramble was wary of the cage first, as soon as her bed was in there she gradually came round to the idea and started to nap in there with the door open and within the first week was sleeping in there at night time too which put our minds at rest that she wasn’t chewing our lovely kitchen to bits whilst we slept. I know some people are very unsure about using cages however after trying it I can honestly say it has helped us train Bramble quickly and she now knows who the boss is. I would definitely recommend using them to all of my dog owner friends.

Thanks again for your help, advice and speedy delivery – will keep you in mind for future purchases!’

Many Thanks,

Aoife Donnelly

It’s great to hear that Bramble loves her new cage, although Mrs Donnelly makes a valid point not all dog owners agree with crate training and many dog owners perhaps don’t fully appreciate the benefit of good crate training from an early age. We will be posting an updated article on how to correctly use a dog  cage to train your dog in the very near future.