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Britains least wanted dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 05/09/2014   Category: Latest News

A dog is a man’s best friend is saying that couldn’t be further from the truth for seven year old Lurcher, Jed. Jed has been named as Britain’s least wanted dog as he has been overlooked by approximately 17,000 potential dog owners since the day he was taken in by the dog charity, Dogs Trust when he was only four months old.

Jed has managed to be re homed for two very short spells however was returned to the dog home as the first family found him too energetic and the second had a change in circumstances. The Dogs Trust in Darlington is now making an appeal to potential dog owners to find a forever home for Jed. His carer, Nikki Holroyd explained how Jed is a friendly and affectionate dog that needs rehoming, ‘Jed came into us from another kennels as a four-month old puppy. He has been re homed a couple of times but circumstances have changed and it hasn’t worked out. He is really cuddly and he loves affection. He spends his day in the office with all the staff, lying on a duvet. Lurcher’s often get overlooked. People are put off by how much exercise they think they need but they don’t need too much.Jed has been in kennels for a long time and he just needs someone to give him a chance.’

The Dogs Trust are very keen to re home Jed however as always the suitability of the dog to the dog owner is still the Dog Trusts priority and they say it would be best to have an experienced person to rescue him as he will need some training. Requirements for his forever home would be someone who doesn’t work full time so he can have affection throughout the day and also is fine to live with other dogs or older children who are sensible around him. A spokesperson for the Dogs Trust said, ‘Jed loves his carers and has lots of good friends in the centre. He loves to play with his cuddly toys and to dash about on the field with his doggy chums. He can run very fast as you can imagine, but then he likes nothing better than to crash out on his comfy duvet for forty winks.’

Jed is their longest rescue as there is usually an average of only 29 days before a dog is rescued. The longest resident before was two years so Jed really has had a case of bad luck.
Would you like to rescue Jed, or know anyone who does? Get in touch with the Dogs Trust in Darlington for more information.a