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Canicom Dog Training Collar Review

Canicom Dog Training Collar Review

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 18/11/2011   Category: Dog Training

As an approved reseller of Canicom dog training collars within the UK we are well placed to give you an honest review on the performance about these collars. The journey with Canicom who are made by the French manufacturer Numaxes started when we were approached by them to sell their products within the UK. Before we agree to sell any new products we always research their suitability thoroughly so we travelled to Germany to meet a Canicom distributor to get their feedback which was very positive. We then went to see the manufacturer south of Paris to see Numaxes manufacturing facility which was excellent. The company has a very professional modern factory with much emphasis on quality procedures checking every component at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that the products have been fully tested and meet customers’ expectations.

The main difference between Canicom dog training collars are that they are the only company that doesn’t source any components from China, all parts are manufactured in France and there is no compromise on the quality of the components that are used. This emphasis on quality rather than cost is an important factor that has enabled Canicom collars become so recognised within gun dog training circles. Whilst certainly not the cheapest of dog training collars they have built up a reputation as a good quality reliable trainer. There are some makes that are much more expensive than Canicom but you certainly wouldn’t get a product with better performance. Since we have been selling Canicom training collars we have been delighted with the very few after-sales issues that we have had to deal with and most of these have been down to operator errors. All Canicom collars come with a 2 year warranty against defective components so customers have peace of mind when making a decision to purchase. All Canicom collars are fully waterproof so these collars are ideal for all terrains, and will suit dogs that love water.

Whilst the Canicom brand is relatively unknown outside the gun dog fraternity these collars are often the choice of dog trainers and we have sold many of these to professional trainers which does indicate the level of trust in them. More recently the brand has started to be recognised by the general public as an affordable option to control their dog with recall or behavioural issues. Numaxes manufacture a whole range of dog training collars from 200metres through to 1500 metre distances, one issue with other brands has been that they have failed to live up to their claims on the operating range. We are however pleased to confirm that our independent trials have backed up Numaxes claims that these Canicom dog training collars really do what they say on the tin relating to the distances even in difficult terrains.

If you would like further details on the full range of Canicom collars or need help in choosing the right collar then please do not hesitate to call us for free on 0800 849 8844 or visit our website at www.easyanimal.co.uk