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‘Cat Beards’ become the latest internet craze

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 25/05/2013   Category: Latest News

The act of holding an unsuspecting cat in front of the face order to create a super-furry beard is taking the internet by storm.

Independent.co.uk says a number of moggie owners have gained worldwide fame by simply holding their cat in front of their face, making them look up and taking a picture of the result – usually a frowning expression with a fair bit of fluff underneath.

It seems the only hard part is actually persuading the feline to be an accomplice, as not all pets will enjoy the experience of being plucked from their cat beds and placed in front of a camera lens.

Although a number of news networks have since reported on the widely-shared sensation, the ‘cat beard’ catalyst can actually be found on a Tumblr page called Captainawesomesauce.

The blog owner pasted five cat beard attempts onto a single image template on Thursday May 18, which has now been shared more than 89,000 times. Numerous can now be found at cat-beard.com – a site dedicated to the craze.

Theglobeandmail.com claims part of the appeal of this bizarre trend is in the incongruous nature of combining human skin and feline fur, although others can be forgiven for thinking that cat owners are just after their 15 minutes of fame. That and the chance to brag about their impressive facial hair, of course.