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Cat Circles are taking the internet by storm

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 07/11/2014   Category: Blog

Many cat owners enjoying playing with their cat and teaching them tricks however cat lovers are now taking it upon themselves to research cat behaviour and see how cat’s minds work and why they act the way they do.
The recent phenomenon has seen hundreds and hundreds of cat owners and lovers creating a circle in their homes, made from anything from tape and wire to dominoes and dressing gown ties then waiting and watching their cat make his way into the circle.

A cat behaviourist explained why this strange occurrence happens, ‘If you create a circle in an otherwise fairly barren environment, it will give the cat a form of a perceived barrier around them, which will make them feel safer,’ says Juliette Jones, a cat behaviourist and consultant.

Petplan’s resident vet, Brian Faulkner, says he has no evidence to confirm that there is a specific psychological reason for this. However his theory goes: ‘Cats do like boundaries compared to dogs and psychologically feel comfortable when they can see their “place”. Many cat owners would agree to this, and from the industry you can see that dog beds are made so the dog can see out of every side where as several cat beds are made to be like dens and act more like a safe haven for them.

MA Vet and managing director at Vetsure Ashley Gray explained further, ‘Cats do look for areas to make their own to give them security – such places may be where they choose to sleep or simply be ‘along the way’ on a route that they often take. They will mark such places by rubbing and clawing. A circle may fulfil this role in the same way that owners for years have reported cats sitting on the mat on the threshold of a doorway. Translation: “This spot is mine and I’m just going to take in my surroundings for 5 minutes before going to my next spot”.’

Try it out for yourself with your cat and see whether they are at all intrigued by the circle and whether they sit in it. Take a picture and let us know via our social media websites, www.facebook.com/easyanimal2 or tweet us @easyanimal.