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Cat loses half of his body weight

Cat loses half of his body weight

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 13/11/2012   Category: Latest News

A morbidly-obese cat has lost half of his body weight after going on a diet, reports worcesternews.co.uk.

Milo, who is ten years old, was put on a diet by owners Paul and Fiona Bearcroft after he ended up stuck in a cat flap.

The moggy weighed in at a rather large 23 llbs (10.5kg)¬†before the weight loss, after apparently gorging on leftovers and stealing other cats’ food.

However, now he is a trim 14 llbs (6.5kg) after being put through his paces in a healthy food and exercise regime designed by vets at the De Montfort Veterinary Hospital in Worcestershire.

Mr Bearcroft, 45 told dailymail.co.uk: “Milo couldn’t actually get through the cat flap and when he did try he got stuck half inside and half outside. He didn’t really do much. He’d just lie around a lot… but he goes out more now and he’s much more active. At night, he’s out through the cat flap and doing what cats do.”

Veterinary nurse Sam Beer, who helped Milo lose the weight, said there has been an increase recently of owners bringing cats in to be treated for obesity.

She claimed that an average cat should be roughly 8-9 llbs (4kg-4.5kg), but said that Milo was a ‘bigger cat’ anyway.