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‘Cat-Nav’ device to go on sale soon

Posted by: Joe Elvin  Date: 03/04/2013   Category: Latest News

Cat owners can now learn what their frisky feline gets up to outside the house, thanks to the invention of a new tracking device.

The device, called ‘G-Paws’, fits onto a pet’s collar, collects GPS data of their whereabouts and plots their movements onto a map once connected to an owner’s computer.

The map even includes images from Google Earth, so owners can see exactly what their pets have witnessed after leaving their cat beds.

Dave Evans, who created the device, claimed that he has learnt plenty about his cat Yollo’s favourite hangouts since coming up with the idea.

Speaking to digitalspy.co.uk, he said: “We noticed Yollo was getting fat, although we weren’t feeding him any more than usual. We were suspicious that he was being fed at someone else’s house, so came up with the idea. Now I know he travels a couple of miles each day, exactly where he goes every night and who’s feeding him.”

The ‘G-Paws’ tracking device will retail for £50. Evans said that the device could also be used for dogs, perhaps to track how much exercise they’re getting. He is currently in the process of creating a social networking website where G-Paws users can share their pets’ movements with the world.