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Cat prints found on 15th century manuscript

Posted by: Lauren Sutton  Date: 10/04/2013   Category: Latest News

Cat prints have been found on an ancient manuscript, after the animal appeared to have stepped in the ink.

Guardian.co.uk reports that the cat-stamped manuscript was found by Emir Filipovic, an academic at the University of Sarajevo.

Mr Filipovic said: “While the writer was writing the document a cat probably passed by him and since the paint was near the book…the cat spilled it, dipped his paws in it and passed over the document and thus lefts its trace in history.”

According to discovery.com, Mr Filipovic has come across a variety of different doodles, fungi and other elements on the pages of old texts, with some gaining more coverage than even the text itself – which appears to be the case with the cat prints.

This common notion of feline companions getting out of their cat beds to wreak havoc on their owners was echoed by Mr Filipovic. He pointed out that people could probably picture the incident happening, with the cat determined to get the attention of its owner by walking right across his carefully written work.

Alison Flood, writing for the Guardian, pointed out that the fascination with the paw prints may also be because cats feature in a lot of literature, showing they’re a popular muse.