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Chaining dogs needs to be stopped

Chaining dogs needs to be stopped

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 21/10/2013   Category: General

It is a shocking but true fact that some dogs are chained up for the majority of their lives. Some owners tether their dog outside in a garden or yard to ensure their safety when it is actually putting their dog and everyone around their dog in danger.

Dogs are social animals and preventing them from socialising with humans or other animals is cruel as they are genetically determined to live in a group and will pine for this lifestyle if you prevent it. Many people would brand chaining a dog in one area for hours or days an inhumane act that creates psychological damage to the dog. A dog that is chained up can become neurotic, sad and sometimes violent.  It is unusual for a chained dog to be able to get to food, water, shelter and a toilet area which no dog should go without.

Tethering a dog for long periods of time can make the dog so aggressive they then post a threat to humans as they will become very territorial over their area and as they will be very agitated could strike out at an innocent passerby. Numerous attacks of this type have been reported unfortunately many of the victims being children who are unaware of the dangers of the animal.

Several dog owners openly admit they chain their dogs to train them to be guard dogs for their house and family.  This would never work in real life practice as chaining causes the dog to become aggressive but not protective so they wouldn’t know when the house or family is at risk and would most probably lash out as any innocent passerby. Statistics have shown that the best way to protect your home is to have a dog inside the home as this would prevent and deter people from entering without consent.

If you tether your dog then you are putting them at risk of hurting themselves. Tethering your dog could make them easy targets for other animals hurting them or insects biting them as they cannot get away from them. Chained dogs are also the most common animal for thieves to steal which they would then sell on to research institutions or animal fights. The most common way of a tether being harmful to a dog would be it getting tangled in other objects which can easily strangle your dog.

It is very clear that chaining your dog has countless disadvantages and should be stopped by all dog owners. Some dog owners may say it is their only way to ensure their dogs safety whilst they are out or busy however this is not true. A dog run is a great way to keep your dogs safe at all times whilst allowing them to enjoy their freedom and have space to run, play and shelter humanely. Dog runs needn’t be expensive if you look around for the best deals and there are a number of options available to you. This way your dog choose where they want to go, what they want to do and when they want to shelter will access to food and drink at all times yet they are perfectly safe from thieves, other animals and humans. Having a dog run will prevent your dog becoming aggressive and will ensure your dogs temperament is the same as normal.