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How to Choose a Dog Training Course

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/12/2015   Category: Blog

As a dog owner, one of the most rewarding things to do with your dog with dog training classes. The dog will get to meet other dogs and learn to socialise correctly with both dogs a humans, there will be a close bond created between the owner and the dog, the dog will get vital exercise and play time which will bring out the best of your dog.

The more difficult task is how to choose the right dog training course for your dog that they will enjoy and learn from. The best place to find a good training course is from recommendation so try asking your groomer and vet if they know of any that customers have used and raved about. If so, add these to a list and check they are in the right location for you to get to each week. Then plan a visit to the course. Most places will allow you to visit one time before deciding if it is for you or not.

Get a list of questions wrote down to look through after your visit, this way you can compare it to your needs but also to other courses. Include questions such as, did you feel welcome? Did you and your dog receive enough attention? Do other owners and dogs seem happy during the class? Are the instructors informative and helpful, correctly any bad behaviour with tips and advice? Is the class well managed, safe and controlled? Would you go again?

Aim to speak to at least two other dog owners at each course and see how they are getting on, how long they have been attending and whether their dog is improving each time? This will give you an indication of whether your dog will progress well at that course and if it is worth spending the money on.

Once you have chosen your training course, meet with the trainer and ask them any questions you have and explain what goals you hope to achieve. Your trainer will explain what they will be doing in each session and will keep your posted on your dog’s progress. Remember to be consistent with your dog both at home and at the training classes and to be patient. Dogs of all ages can be taught new things however some might get frustrated at some parts of dog training and you need to remind yourself that it will take time. Always concentrate on your own dog not other peoples as individual dogs pick things up quicker than others. Good luck with your dog training.