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Choosing the right dog clipper

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 08/05/2015   Category: Blog

As summer approaches and the temperature rises dog owners look to give their dogs a summer coat helping keep them cool and fresh. Most dog owners would hope that after practise they could learn to create a professional cut on their dog just like the groomer would. However to achieve this, you must have expert equipment to produce a professional finish.

We recommend two brands that are well known throughout the pet industry and have been for many years. Oster and Andis are the leading brands for dog grooming and most reputable dog groomers will be using one or both of these brands. They both come with a large selection of blades that are interchangeable between the two brands.

When looking for a dog clipper, consider your needs as this will help you make the correct decision. If you are new to dog grooming, it would be wise to purchase a two speed clipper as using it on the slower setting will help you gain confidence and also help maintain a good cut around smaller areas such as the face and ears. Consider the amount of dogs you have to groom, if you have more than one then choose a corded clipper as it is more than likely that a cordless clipper will run out of battery.

Once you have chosen your clipper you must choose your blade and this may mean choosing a few different blades as you might requirement different parts of their body to be different lengths. Both Oster and Andis have a blade guide that will help you choose which blade is best for your dog breed taking into consideration the length and type of coat they may have. If you want to maintain the cut they already have from your groomer then ask your groomer what blade they use and we will be able to match one for you.

There are optional extras that you may require to groom your dog including blade wash, lubricant for the blades and professional shampoo. All of these will help to maintain your equipment and create a high quality finish that you are used to achieving from using a groomer.

Please take advantage of our free service to help you purchase to correct clipper and blade by giving our team a call on 08451801010. We can help provide you with the correct information and suggest which blade is best for your dogs breed and how you want them to be cut.

  • What clippers would you recommend for cats? I have a British Shorthair that needs it’s bum hair shaved every now and again.