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Choosing the Right Cat Shelter

Choosing the Right Cat Shelter

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 08/11/2011   Category: Cat Care

At this time of year one thing we can all be sure of is that along with long dark winter ahead we are sure to experience some long cold spells of weather. Every year the weathermen predict a harsh winter but this year they have forecast that we will get severe arctic weather possibly going down to -20C, certainly very cold for all pets indoors but certainly life threatening conditions for those animals unfortunate to be outdoors. Many cats who have access to a cat flap leading to a nice warm house are quite fortunate whilst lots of cats do spend a large proportion of their time outdoors and will be grateful for some shelter during the day or night. Take time to think about the many feral cats who will really struggle to survive in such extreme weather, to them a cat shelter can be the difference between life and death, perhaps they have no-one to care for them or maybe they are just too frightened to accept human assistance.

Fortunately there a couple of companies that produce cat shelters the first is just a plastic shelter which has no door this is obviously better than nothing but if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction then the cat will get very wet and then if the bedding is damp they might not use this at all. It also has no insulation so will be difficult for the cat to get warm and retain any body heat, in truth this is a very basic product and I can easily see why cats wouldn’t use it. A more refined and well thought out product is the KatKabins which are well designed to stand unto the elements. The KatKabins come complete with a door that closes after the cat has entered or exited, this stops rain driving in and more importantly keeps the cats bedding dry. They have two offerings the first is the KatKabins DezRez which is the basic model and whilst this does have some bedding it is not as luxurious as the KatKabins Premium which comes with everything in the DezRez version but it also comes with a winter warmer.

This winter warmer is a fleecy liner covering insulating foam and this wraps around the entire inner surface of the KatKabins making it very snug inside. Importantly this has two benefits, firstly it keeps the KatKabins warm in winter with its insulating properties and secondly it also keeps this cool in summer when it gets very hot. They are also designed to be easily removed and are machine washable; many people actually buy two of these so that they always have a clean one to put in when washing. These KatKabins come in six different colours from blue, purple, red, pink through to the more earthy brown and garden green for those customers who want their KatKabins to blend into their garden.

At Easy Animal we stock all of the KatKabins colours and send these out on a free next day delivery, or alternatively if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0800 849 8844.