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City life could be stressing out our cats, expert says

Posted by: Lauren Sutton  Date: 24/07/2013   Category: Latest News

A biologist has said that cats are stressed out by city life, due to a lack of space.

According to thesundaytimes.co.uk, John Bradshaw suggests that cats are suffering from stress, in his new book due out next month called ‘Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed’.

He found that some cats display the same sort of health problems that humans do when stressed, such as skin and bladder illnesses, and that the majority of these problems are caused by humans not understanding what’s best for their cat.

An example of this misunderstanding is cat cafés, which have become increasingly popular in cities, reports dailymail.co.uk. These cafés provide visitors with cats to pet whilst they have a drink, but so many cats in one place has a negative effect on the animals.

Former director of the Feline Advisory Bureau, Chris Laurence, suggested that city cats operate a sort of rota, to make sure that neighbouring cats don’t end up confronting each other.

However, cats have not been bred for cities and prefer not to share their cat flap with any other feline, as they are by nature solitary and wild animals.

“They think the more cats the merrier – five cats good, six cats better. But the truth is that the more you have, the more the difficulties escalate,” Mr Bradshaw said. “Two cats don’t have a party, they have a fight, then they have a stand-off, which can last until one dies.”