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Cold winters warm cats with our KatKabins

Cold winters warm cats with our KatKabins

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 12/11/2012   Category: Beds

As its drawing nearer to winter you can certainly feel it getting colder, so can your cats. To prevent them feeling the chill we would highly recommend you buying a KatKabin. They are an outdoor cat shelter that can be used all day and night so whatever time they are out and about they will always have a warm, waterproof and safe haven to come back to. They are raised off the ground to prevent the damp and cold weather affecting it and in the summer months create a place of peaceful shade.

Our own cat Maisie loves her KatKabin and we always see her relaxing and napping in hers. They come in a range of exciting colours to either suit your cat’s style or where you are putting it; they look fantastic both inside and out and are a great design statement.

This innovative product has been a hit ever since we’ve stocked it but as the winter nears they are selling even faster! We promise to only ever sell products we truly believe in and with the high quality features this gives you we know you’ll love it as much as we do! They withstand the most extreme temperatures; have rear holes for ventilation and with it being oval in shape, the air circulate easily.

All KatKabins come with an insulting cushion however for the cold winter approaching I’d recommend purchasing the premium combination as this includes a winter warmer to give your cat that extra comfort for their very own perfect home. We love hearing from you, so whether you want a KatKabin or already have one, let us know your thoughts!