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Common mistakes when buying dog ramps

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/01/2015   Category: Animal HQ

When looking to buy a dog ramp many people make some common mistakes resulting in them receiving a ramp they either can’t or don’t use.

The most significant mistake people make whilst buying dog ramps is that they leave this decision far too late in the dogs life. Ramps are not just needed when the dog is injured or has mobility issues. Vets actually recommend that a dog ramp should be purchased from puppy age and used throughout their lives. This helps the training process as puppies and younger dogs often pick things up quicker than old dogs.

A major issue for all dogs is that the impact of repeatedly jumping from a high boot onto a hard surface can lead to significant joint damage to dogs legs in later life and of course also result in significant vets fees!

Another common mistake made by dog owners when purchasing dog ramps is not paying attention to the height of the boot of the vehicle. If you don’t measure your boot height you could end up buying a ramp too short that means the incline will be too steep. This is dangerous for your dog as dogs will feel frightened and can often slip off the ramp if the incline is too steep. It is recommended that the incline should never be more than 30 degrees to the floor, so anything less than this is ideal.

When deciding which ramp to buy please think about where you would like to store this in the vehicle, take into consideration passengers, children and their gear, dog cages and of course the dogs. Even when the car is fully loaded you will need to be able to store it somewhere so pay attention to the folded dimensions of each ramp.

Another common mistake made is not to research the load capacity and the weight of the ramp itself. Consider what breed you have and what weight your breed is. When ramps are advertised the load capacity is measured by a stationary weight – dogs weigh more when moving so always find a ramp with a load capacity heavier than your dog.

You will always need to ensure that you can lift the weight of the ramp as you will need to lift this in and out on a daily basis. Dog ramps coming in all different weights so make sure that you are physically strong enough to carry the weight of the one you choose.

If you need advice when purchasing a dog ramp, we advise that you call our friendly staff who will talk you through the options. We have specialists on hand to ensure the ramp you are purchasing is well suited to yourself, your dog and your vehicle and that you don’t end up with an unsuitable item that you may have to return.