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Cool raised dog beds for summer

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 11/07/2013   Category: Beds

Raised dog beds are usually thought of for use in the winter as they keep dogs up off the cold damp floors, however they are equally as good in the summer keeping your dog cool.
By choosing a raised dog bed you will be enabling your dog to sleep easy without getting too hot in their normal beds. If you choose a mesh dog bed then the air can circulate freely and snoozing will be much more enjoyable for your pet. These fantastic beds are great as you can move them outdoors in the shade for you’re to get some fresh air whilst napping and can also be cleaned easily by wiping them or power washing.
In this warm weather a normal fabric dog bed will make your dog hot and your dog simply won’t have a good night’s sleep so give your dog the bed they deserve and get a raised dog bed. Our Easy Animal team love the Hi K9 Original raised beds and they come in several sizes, simply measure the area your dog takes up when both curled up and stretching out and you will be able to choose the correct size for you.
Make the most of the summer with your dog outside on a cool, portable, easy to clean raised dog bed.