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Couple sacrifice their holidays so their dogs can marry

Posted by: Sean McGrath  Date: 11/05/2013   Category: Latest News

A couple have sacrificed their summer holiday so that their beloved dog Sheena, could marry her doggy lover, Gethin.

Sheena, a six-year-old German Spitz, married her one-year-old Pomeranian partner in the £500 doggy wedding.

The two pups met at a dog show just eight months ago and their respective owners knew it was love at first sight. Sheena’s owner, Sue Doherty, said: “They share toys and food and always play together so we know they’re meant to be together.”

Sue Wilding, owner of toy boy Gethin, said: “Sometimes Sheena plays hard to get, but she’s only teasing. It’s just a case of lady and the tramp.”

The event cost over £500, with money undoubtedly going on dog grooming equipment, a cake, dresses and of course, flowers and dog biscuits.

According to dailymail.co.uk, guests included a pair of Yorkies and an Irish Wolf Hound, all dressed in formal attire.

Ann Clark, an animal registrar at Kit-Katz Cattery, read the vows: “I promise to bark when you bark, to run to the door when you do, I will share all my toys, treats, bones and bed with you.”

Holding back tears, Miss Doherty told the Mail: “We put every spare minute into planning this wedding. I don’t know what to do with myself now.”

It is estimated that Britons spend £20,000 on dog weddings each year. Speaking on yahoo.com, one commentator said ‘It’s totally weird.’