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Crufts 2013 starts as a washout

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 15/03/2013   Category: Latest News

This year’s Crufts has started as a wet weekend, according to msn.com and the dismal weather meant extra precautions had to be taken for this year’s arrivals.

The show-worthy dogs turned up in an interesting array of different outfits to try and protect their perfectly groomed coats and squeaky clean feet.

While pictures showed dogs in a variety of different coats, some owners went all out and invested in some doggy Ugg-style boots.

Waterproof dog beds proved to be a sound investment for the owners of smaller breeds as they were carried into the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham for the first day of the four-day event. Dog cages set on miniature trailers were seen being wheeled around with waterproof tarpaulin draped over the top to protect the inhabitants.

Dailymail.co.uk reported some dogs braved the horrible weather as nature intended, without any coats or shoes. One man even carried his Afghan dog around his shoulders to protect his feet from the dirty puddles.

Competitors splash out on dog grooming equipment to get their pups in tip-top condition for the annual competition. The recent weather forecasts won’t be welcome news to those who have spent hours perfecting glossy coats and neatly trimmed nails.

All-over dog coats that covered from head to toe were a common sight at the first day, but with snow thought to be on the way, owners may invest in even more extravagant cover-ups.