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Crufts dog show lifts hairspray ban

Posted by: Pablo Smithson  Date: 28/01/2013   Category: Latest News

Almost 100 years of tradition will be broken from 2014, as Crufts will allow dog owners to apply hairspray and other ‘make-up’ to their canine competitors.

Hairspray for taming long manes and chalk for whitening bits of discoloured hair are a couple of the techniques that will be allowed at next year’s contest, reports dailymail.co.uk. However, the rule being changed was already being disregarded and did not make sense, it has been claimed.

Sandy Vincent, secretary of the Standard Poodle Club of Great Britain, said: “The Kennel Club’s position was ridiculous. The majority were using hairspray anyway. It made us look foolish in the eyes of everybody overseas. In the US they think nothing of using hairspray. It’s a beauty competition. [The hairspray ban] is like Miss World being made to go on without her make-up.”

The need to change the rules on make-up at Crufts was evident at the 2011 contest, as four dogs were randomly selected to be tested and all of them failed the tests. While items such as dog training collars help owners influence behaviour, cosmetic aids like hairspray make only aesthetic improvements.

According to telegraph.co.uk, a new code of practice is being put together by the Kennel Club to clarify the situation. Secretary of the organisation Caroline Kisko explained that the shift in regulation is an admission that competitors are often wearing hairspray anyway.

However, Ms Kisko stressed that hairspray will still not be allowed across the whole of the dog, only on the head or face.